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The Secret Key to Living Longer

One of the best benefits of VoxxLife’s Human Performance Technology (HPT) is the way it interacts with, and improves, neural health. As mental health and brain health awareness increasingly become important parts of our lives, everyone should be paying attention to their neural health.

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Balance vs. Stability: What’s the Difference?

A lot of people use the words “balance” and “stability” interchangeably. VoxxLife’s Human Performance Technology (HPT) is designed to improve both your balance and stability, but how you use it might change depending on which one you struggle with.

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Why Celebrity Trainer Kirsty Dunne Wears VoxxLife

As a celebrity trainer, wellness performance coach, and entrepreneur, Kirsty Dunne knows how important it is to take care of both her physical and mental state. Get to know Kirsty by reading our recent interview with her below on how VoxxLife products have helped her with pain management and performance.

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