Take Your Game to the Next Level.

From the 1st tee to the 18th green, VoxxLife’s performance line will help you play with more power, balance, attention, and comfort. Tested and approved by Top 50 PGA golf coach.


• More powerful swings
• Greater agility

Improved Range of Motion

• Better follow-through on your swings
• Reduced injury risk


• Greater shot accuracy
• More consistency on each shot


• More explosiveness
• More powerful swing contact


• Better course management
• Stay locked in for every swing
• Better focus on the green


Voxx HPT is a contact-based technology. When your skin comes in contact with the Voxx HPT pattern, it triggers a sensation and sends information to your brain. The brain and nervous system process that stimulation, giving athletes immediate improvements to their balance, stability, and power, while also helping to reduce pain.

recommended products

Peformance Patch

Increased athletic performance in a quick, on-the-go patch, for more speed, power, and energy.


Stay locked in on what you’re doing. Made to improve attention, clarity, and calmness.

No-Show Socks

Give your feet the comfort and compression they need to perform at their peak.

VoxxLabs Chill It
Pain Relief Balm

Get instant pain relieft with Chillit, providing a cooling sensation to dull your pain, while relieving achy muscles and joints.


A. Anderson
Perfect for Golf!
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I recommend every golfer have these in their golf shoes. Not only did I shave 3 strokes off my game, but I can finally play a whole 18 holes without being stiff and sore.
S. Ward
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These socks are great for my golf game! Keeps me more balanced and gives me a bigger range of motion for my golf swing.
K. Unsworth
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These are my summer socks for walking and golfing. They are comfy, durable and keep me emotionally and physically balanced and energetic.
Y. Dufault
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These are my favourite socks! I have arthritis in my lower back and when I golf, I am very stiff which affects my back swing and my game overall. I wear these socks and I am so much looser. My score is way better than it’s ever been before!!
D. Forer
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I have more energy in my game & am able to play longer without getting so tired.


VoxxLife’s products rely on the science of vibrotactile stimulation. When the technology is in contact with the skin, the micro-vibrations trigger a response in the brainstem, helping to improve a person’s pain, balance, mobility, or a multitude of other ailments and discomforts.

VoxxLife technology couldn’t be easier to use! The technology is strategically placed on all of the products to be in contact with your skin, thus initiating the vibrotactile stimulation. The technology is available in patches, socks, insoles, and a number of other wearables.

Yes! VoxxLife technology was strategically studied and designed to provide a 100% drug-free, natural, and non-invasive solution for people managing pain, balance, and mobility issues, and have since developed many more solutions to help improve more people’s quality of life. Plus, the effects are almost immediate!
VoxxLife offers a full 30-day money-back guarantee, giving you plenty of time to try the product and experience the benefits, first-hand.